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During the Margazhi Festival 2018-2019, Pavithra Srinivasan presented her 6th solo production -Om Namah Shivaya.  It was attended by senior gurus , rasikas and connosseurs of natya.......The glory of the Lord Shiva and the various blessings he bestows on his devotees were conveyed with beautiful expressionsand theermanams. Pavithra's journey to Kailash was movingly portrayed....

- Chennaisonline, February 2019

Om Namah Shivaya Pavithra Srinivasan dance

......This set the tone for Day 1 of Indic Thoughts festival. The event started with a mesmerising dance performance on Adi Shankaracharya’s Bhaja Govindam by Pavithra Srinivasan, a Bharatanatyam dancer and the first recipient of the Yuva Kala Bharathi title from Bharat Kalachar

- Swarajya, January 2018

indic thougth festival Pavithra Srinivasan dance

The chanting of mantras, a scintillating Bharat Natyam performance by the passionate and elegant Pavitra Srinivasan, who has showcased over 500 of her own dance recitals world wide and runs Arsh Kala Bharati, where she teaches not just dance, but meditation, vedic heritage, the essence of Bhagwad Gita to the emerging new generations. She said it was an honor to dance in the land graced by Vivekanada, and offer a prayer that all be aligned in their thinking, and appreciate the vision of vedic culture through vedic chants and Mangalam a composition by Pandit Ravi Shankar celebrating the five elements, human life and “the auspiciousness that permeates entire life forms and energy in this universe”.

-, September 2018


- Cover Story, Kalaimagal (Tamizh) April 2018

art awaken.jpg

“The two biggest takeaways from my visit to Chicago — the essence of Hinduism is inclusivity, a reason why it is referred to as Sanathana Dharma and understanding the values of one’s dharma can make the world a better place,” says Bharatanatyam dancer Pavithra Srinivasan, who opened the cultural evening at the World Hindu Congress held from September 7 to 9.

- The Hindu, October 2018

Mythological stories came alive as stalwarts of Indian classical dance took stage at the annual Parampara Festival.......

Meticulously trained dancer Pavithra Srinivasan – the disciple of the Dhananjayan–as queen Kaikeyi was all set to be a part of the celebrations of Rama’s abhishekh – beautifully emoted – when the wily and Janus-faced Manthara gradually and surely weaned Kaikeyi to her way of thinking, cunningly sowing the seeds of suspicion, as to what her state would be as a dowager step-mother when her pious husband would be gone.

- The Hindu, August 2018

Pavithra Srinivasan Dhananjayan

“In the landscape of life

Through the brush of melody, mime, and movements

With tints and shades of colours of various experiences

to the highest happiest reality

I paint the journey of Ananda!”

Pavithra recently staged her new production, ‘Ananda — Happiness Limitless’, under the aegis of Shri Ariyakudi Music Foundation, in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relation’s Horizon programme at Raga Sudha Hall, Chennai. ‘Ananda’ tries to explore the many facets of human life and man’s constant search for happiness. “In other words, ‘Ananda’ is the essence of my experience of dealing with the realities of life; the need to view things from a spiritual aspect,” explains the dancer.

-The Hindu, August 2017

Ananda pavithra dance

After this successful event,I as a blogger could informally chat with a beautiful, calm and talented dancer Smt. Pavithra Srinivasan. She is among the most inspired and dedicated Bharatanatyam dancers of her generation. She has been dedicated to the pursuit of this ancient Bharatanatyam tradition her whole life. She continuous her advanced training in Bharatanatyam under the illustrious and renowned couple- Padma Bhushan The Dhananjayans, and is a part of their performing group of students. Before this, she was the recipient of the "best outgoing student" of Padma Sehadri Bala Bhavan School, Chennai. She also holds a Post Graduation degree in Business Economics.

- Samvaad, December 2017

Pavithra Srinivasan dance

Renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Pavithra Srinivasan of Chennai mesmerized the audience at the Whig Hall of Princeton University during a lecture and dance presentation on the Yoga of Dance last week.Pavithra Srinivasan

Acclaimed dancer and educator Pavithra Srinivasan explored the intersections and suggested India's venerable classical dance tradition as a vehicle to connect to deeper truths and spiritual awareness. She drew on decades of rigorous dance training, deep study of sacred texts, and personal guidance from her guru--the renowned Param Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati......Pavithra, adorned with jewels and clad in a radiant green saree, looked beautiful and her dance with excellent storytelling captivated the audience. 

- The Asian Tribune, May 2016

Pavithra Srinivasan yoga dance

With will power and spiritual guidance, Pavithra Srinivasan has picked up the thread with élan.

- The Hindu, September 2013

Pavithra Srinivasan, The Hindu

Pavithra showcased Atma Bandhutvam by opting for Adi Sankara’s ‘Bhaja Govindam’, with text by Swami Gurudasanand to explain the Self at the Adhyatma level. She went on to illustrate a story from the Kenopanishad where Goddess Uma assumes the form of a Yaksha to test the greatness of Agni and Vayu.

Marked by precision and expressive abhinaya, Pavithra concluded by drawing from the Bhagavad Gita, enumerating the 20 ethical values, with text by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi.

- The Hindu, September 2012

Pavithra's presentation at Dakshinamurthy auditorium on December 6 under the auspices of Naadabrahmam, accentuated the qualities of duty and Rama bhakti. Incidentally, this gifted dancer and a senior disciple of the Dhananjayans was conferred the title ‘Nritya Sevika’ by Naadabrahmam.

Powerful flight sequence

.....The portrayal of Hanuman’s powerful flight across the ocean was presented with such gusto and zeal that one could associate with the Monkey god at once.

Hanuman’s encounter with Lankini, the guardian deity, and the laid-back manner with which he subdues her were put across convincingly. The dancer had paid lot of attention to detail as was evident from the descriptions of the city of Lanka, Ravana's chambers and Hanuman's entry into the Asoka Vana. The addition of humour in minute doses was a savvy touch. Sita’s spirited dialogue and her refusal of Ravana was an ingenious stroke.

- The Hindu, October 2009

sundarakandam Pavitha Srinivasan dancen
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